What a marketer learns about PR from being on 60 Minutes

Marketer's PR lessons from being on 60 Minutes Australia

As a marketer, I know the basics of PR and getting publicity for a business and topic, but do not by any stretch of the imagination call myself an expert.


In actuality, I’ve learnt more about PR and how media works from my mental health advocacy and being involved on the media frontline. I’ve been in various campaigns for mental health organisations in Australia and also appeared on TV news, radio interviews and in print.


But all this was nothing compared to being on 60 Minutes Australia which took PR theory to a whole other level! Read More »

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What is marketing?

What is Marketing?

An article for start-ups or anyone not sure what marketing actually is…


You know the feeling when you’re desperate to buy a specific product? You’ve got it pictured in your head and you need “it” …like, now. You are searching far-and-wide on foot and googling your heart out. You know you want “it”, but can’t find “it”.

Or maybe you don’t even know what you want or need, but when you stumble onto it, you know you must have it before anyone else and be the trendsetter.


Or is that just me?

Enter your start-up business. Yes, you who has that fabulous new product I am desperate to purchase but don’t quite know yet. I actually want to find you! Read More »

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How to stand out in marketing?

Risk in business is everywhere, it seems. And it’s important to manage risk. We need to understand how to identify, assess, monitor and reduce problems.

Risk management covers occupational health and safety, your staff, your finances and cash flow. But should you manage risk when it comes to marketing?

Let’s face it; starting a business in the first place is a risk. If you were to undergo a risk assessment for leaving a secure, full-time job or to mortgage your house on building a new product, more than likely you would come up with the conclusion that it’s too risky to go ahead.

So why do we ever have start-up businesses when every piece of logic says it’s easier to not take the risk? Because business owners (and entrepreneurs) have a passion to do something different – to leave their mark on the world. These people – we – believe it’s better to risk failure than to not try and have regrets. Read More »

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Can I help you?

Could customer collaboration be your next step in business success?



Aspire artwork: Collaboration in Business



I have a friend who loves running. She loves competing in events on her own with no one determining her success but her self.

Me, I love training as a team. I don’t care if I win. It’s about the camaraderie and completing an event together.

Competition and collaboration; not one is better, just different ways of working towards success.

Read More »

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Is your website Mobile friendly?

How Google ranks your website — SEO (Search Engine Optimsation


On Tuesday (21 April), Google’s rules will change for how they rank websites. Google will be taking note of how well websites can be viewed on mobile devices.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation or how websites rank in Google) is a hugely complex beast within the topic of online marketing. And, consequently, SEO marketing agencies are the best, and worst, at taking advantage of small businesses who “don’t know what they don’t know”.


So, let’s get you “knowing” some of the basic SEO stuff so you don’t feel overwhelmed and can work out what you can do versus what you may need to outsource. And I’ll explain the latest Google change.


Grab a tea or coffee or hot chocolate as it’s a long one. You may find it easier to print off and go through bit by bit. Read More »

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Heart in Business (Part 2)

Heart in business is something I am incredibly passionate about and I know there are similar souls craving for businesses to embrace care and kindness. In 2012 I wrote: Is there room for Heart in Business?

I was revisiting the concept of heart in business a year ago when I stumbled upon Big Hearted Business, the brainchild of Clare Bowditch – singer, songwriter, actor, businesswoman extraordinaire. Big Hearted Business is about helping creatives learn business, and businesses to learn creativity and to work from the heart. Needless to say, I signed up to everything, including their Big Hearted Business (un-)Conference which was recently held on the weekend of 3 & 4 May 2014.

The weekend left me raw and overwhelmed with inspiration and knowing I wasn’t alone in wanting to do something big to leave a heartfelt mark on the world.

The (un-)conference had a selection of speakers who have embraced listening to their heart and living according to their passions and values.

Here are my 10 biggest take-away lessons from the speakers that I hope will inspire you to think about doing business a little differently; dare I say authentically. Read More »

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The Remarkable Seth Godin

Seth Godin recently visited Australia as a guest speaker of business networking organisation Business Chicks. When I heard late last year he was speaking, I almost grabbed my sleeping bag to line up for tickets. Luckily I didn’t need to do that – I just added a reminder to my calendar and scored tickets to the lunch in Melbourne.

I’m not alone in loving what Seth Godin has to say. He is often described as a marketing guru and he’s authored books that have changed how people view marketing today. For me, he is a sage voice that makes me think I’m not alone in how my industry should be causing a “ruckus”.

Not everyone understands him. Not everyone likes him. But he will say that’s how it should be and is unapologetically talking to his tribe.

In a one hour speech, I didn’t have any major take away tips, more hallelujah moments that I wanted to applaud. Here are my 12 remarkable Seth Godin moments. Read More »

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Marketing Automation: Don’t Treat Me Like a Robot

Marketing automation tools are designed to make our online communications easier in today’s digital world. I hear business owners and marketers swear by automation for their social media marketing.

But in your enthusiasm for marketing administrative structure and expediency, don’t forget some key marketing areas when communicating with your tribe that a marketing automation tool cannot understand.

Read More »

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Email Marketing: 5 Ways to Ensure I Don’t Read Your Message

Email marketing is a great tactic to have in your marketing tool belt. Not only is it a great way to stay in touch with your loyal customers, but allows you the opportunity to connect and build trust with prospects about your knowledge and fabulousness.

It’s also cheap as chips, even if you pay for an emailing software platform. ROI (Return on Investment) statistics of $40 return for every $1 spent alone makes it worth the effort.

But just as with any marketing tool, businesses need to be savvy about what they (realistically) want to achieve. Read More »

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Seven tips to get the best Marketing Consultant for you

Marketing Consultants seem to be everywhere! Marketing, like many service industries, has a low barrier to entry and people can easily profess to be an “expert” with little experience. 

Think Social Media: How many workshops do you go to where you’re left saying “but what do I do now?”

It was for these reasons I decided to start my business. I hated seeing business owners getting charged expensive rates for tools they (a) really didn’t need or (b) weren’t being taught how to use effectively for their business’ marketing success. It goes to my saying “people don’t know what they don’t know” and this can leave business owners vulnerable to Consultants after quick and easy dollars. Read More »

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