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Branding: Are You Delivering on Your Message? Part 2

Branding, as I wrote in Part 1, is the building block to your business and its marketing. It is built over time with consistency of message and service/products plus delivering on your promises. A business’ brand will – dare I say should – be developed at the beginning of a business based around the business owner’s values and […]

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Are you wrongly judging your customers?

On my way to gym I decided to drop in to one of my favourite clothing boutiques. I was looking for a dress for an event. I needed help and watched two sales assistants ignore me and walk past. I grabbed two dresses and helped myself to a dressing room. I came out twice to […]

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What do Customers Want?

I’m a natural born caregiver. Every personality test I’ve ever taken results in this very conclusion. And maybe it’s this innate ability to empathise with people that makes it so easy for me to understand and communicate “what customers want” from businesses. For me, understanding client relationships isn’t rocket science. Essentially, it’s putting yourself in […]

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How to: Lose a Loyal Client / Brand Advocate (Part 2)

Wow, I have certainly exhaled after my catharsis in How to Lose a Brand Advocate (Part 1) and, on reflection, it is a Blog that highlights for business owners how you can make a customer feel who has invested their loyalty and trust with you. Why does being by a business advocate cut so deep? Because I […]

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How to: Lose a Loyal Customer / Brand Advocate (Part 1)

Now, this is not an easy blog to write and I aim to do it with dignity and grace, but I’ve just been through a horrible break-up as a customer and it still hurts. I loved them, truly, and not only “would’ve done anything”, but I believe, as best I could, I “did” everything I […]

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