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What a marketer learns about PR from being on 60 Minutes

As a marketer, I know the basics of PR and getting publicity for a business and topic, but do not by any stretch of the imagination call myself an expert.   In actuality, I’ve learnt more about PR and how media works from my mental health advocacy and being involved on the media frontline. I’ve […]

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Are you responsible to ask your customers “Are you OK”?

Question: A customer you’re talking with starts crying, do you a)   Ask if they’re ok and need to talk? b)   Ignore the fact they are crying? c)   Ask them to come back when they have composed themselves? Silly question? Well my experience, more often than not, is that most answer this question with the action of […]

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Heart in Business: Is there room for it?

  I arrived at the networking meeting and was greeted by the facilitator of the group to be told (well reminded) I “wasn’t having a good month”.  The meeting commenced with the usual roundtable discussion on how fabulous our businesses were doing.  But I had already decided to wear my heart on my sleeve and […]

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Living with Truth

There is nothing more that I respect than living with truth, integrity and goodwill. I believe I live by these values, though sometimes it can be incredibly hard. And by that I don’t mean that I find it difficult to sustain these principles, but that I sometimes feel that the world isn’t ready for it.

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What’s in a name? JoElla’s story

I find it fascinating that the number one business question to date is: Why JoElla? Not, what do you do, but why is your business called that? And, with no conscious rationale at the time, other than choosing a business name that meant something to me, my answering the question sums up my whole business […]

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