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How to stand out in marketing?

Risk in business is everywhere, it seems. And it’s important to manage risk. We need to understand how to identify, assess, monitor and reduce problems. Risk management covers occupational health and safety, your staff, your finances and cash flow. But should you manage risk when it comes to marketing? Let’s face it; starting a business […]

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The Remarkable Seth Godin

Seth Godin recently visited Australia as a guest speaker of business networking organisation Business Chicks. When I heard late last year he was speaking, I almost grabbed my sleeping bag to line up for tickets. Luckily I didn’t need to do that – I just added a reminder to my calendar and scored tickets to […]

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Heart in Business: Is there room for it?

  I arrived at the networking meeting and was greeted by the facilitator of the group to be told (well reminded) I “wasn’t having a good month”.  The meeting commenced with the usual roundtable discussion on how fabulous our businesses were doing.  But I had already decided to wear my heart on my sleeve and […]

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West Wing Leadership lessons

For the past few months I’ve been catching up on the West Wing series on DVD. I absolutely love it and how it highlights the dilemmas of political life. I’m now at the story line of the Democrats deciding on their new candidate for the next election. President Bartlett (Martin Sheen) is in the final […]

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