Living with Truth

There is nothing more that I respect than living with truth, integrity and goodwill. I believe I live by these values, though sometimes it can be incredibly hard. And by that I don’t mean that I find it difficult to sustain these principles, but that I sometimes feel that the world isn’t ready for it.

Nice, that’s what I’ve always been called. The nice, quiet girl – though the quiet adjective has almost been erased as I’ve grown in my own confidence and skin. I always hated being called these words – they seems so all defining, no way out because people weren’t saying anything negative, per se, but it was often a little ‘dig’ at me. I was also fully aware of ‘nice people finish last’ or ‘only the good die young’ as Billy sang. And life often gives me little evidence that this is not true.

Some days I want to give up, but can I change who I am? Of course not. I am not saying I am some altruistic, angel like figure, but that some days I know I am giving more than I receive. I love giving and supporting others, but when you need or just want people to give back, they don’t seem to be there to reciprocate in kind.

But then I see amazing, kind hearted people in my life who make me hardly worthy of what I have described myself as above. A few give me hope there is justice in the world as they are in “first place”, while others are questioning, just like me; some just don’t appear to even think about their actions.

Now I ask: Will JoElla be the same as me and risk some people taking advantage? You bet! And the reason is that I have to believe that even though people may not always remember you when things are good, they remember you when they need help. They do remember that they need someone with truth, integrity and goodwill.

Am I worried with this business personality and core belief that JoElla Marketing is different from what a business strategist would advise? Not at all – that’s what I’m counting on as being my point of difference!

Keeping it real

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