Traditional Marketing: Is it Old Fashioned?

Traditional marketing seemingly polarises many of my marketing peers. Personally, I’m at a loss at those who are steadfast that being traditional equals being old fashioned.

Traditional marketing often conjures up images of people that haven’t moved with the times. But why do we not consider that some traditions are tried and tested rituals?

Now, I love how the internet and how social media has changed they way we communicate directly with our marketplace. I’m an advocate of social media and taking businesses online – in fact, I have used online engagement since the late 90s. But like most areas of business, marketing cannot be black and white, and if you ignore traditional marketing concepts, then you potentially lose a unique and personal connection opportunity within your marketplace.

The uniqueness of online engagement is dissipating. Ten years ago, receiving an email to wish customers a Merry Christmas had a “wow” factor. But I’d question if most of the recipients now feel it’s impersonal and a tad lazy. Our marketplace understands email templates and mail merge and, unfortunately, few businesses make the effort to be creative in these holiday messages.

On the flip side, receiving a hand written Christmas card can evoke an emotional connection. Yes, I know, this takes more time and is more expensive than an email, but don’t underestimate that your customers will appreciate the time you have taken to be “old fashioned”.

Obviously traditional marketing is more than direct mail. And to be clear, I always look for Return on Investment for clients’ marketing. I agree that much of traditional media is expensive for the small business owner.

But, communication should be built on emotion and make your customer feel special. Traditional marketing can be the perfect platform to create this connection with prospects and loyal customers.

Give me the joy of receiving something other than a bill in my post any day of the week! I surely can’t be alone in feeling this way?

This article first appeared in Australian Businesswomen’s Network’s “Her Business Blog

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