Small business marketing consultant helping businesses across Australia


JoElla Marketing, is a small business marketing consultant based in Melbourne, working across Australia. JoElla was born from Director Megan Barrow’s passion to provide businesses with no-nonsense marketing advice across both digital and traditional marketing principles.

Megan advocates for ethical, honest, transparent and helpful marketing advice and to be a clear alternative and difference from marketing and creative and digital agencies who put businesses in a one-size-fits-all box, hand over an expensive campaign, and leave clients to work the rest out.

Working in business since 1994, Megan has worked in roles that focussed on her love of writing and creating a marketing buzz. As her marketing career further developed, she saw a gap in the marketplace for independent marketing and communication advice and training with no agendas or affiliations to push.

“I am not a pushy salesperson and I don’t want to be. I am a marketer who genuinely gets a kick out of helping businesses understand how they market themselves to their customers.” says Megan. “JoElla Marketing is not about pressuring businesses to sign on the dotted line; it’s about creating an excitement for how you can now creatively and personally communicate with your clients online and in social media, and the benefits of doing so. From there we become a team and I become your advocate.”

Megan grew up as a very shy person and whilst seeing the irony in her career direction of marketing communications, she acquired the necessary skills of observation and listening that is required to be a great marketer.

“There is no one-size-fits-all in marketing; well that’s my attitude. The marketing world may be telling you: you must go on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, but it’s more important to research and listen to what your customers want. Yes, they are most likely on Facebook, but that’s just part of the puzzle. Where are your customers looking for information on your product so you can then direct them to your website with a clear call to action to contact you?”

“I have no Barrow-to-Push, I love what I do. I know marketing can be overwhelming, but at the core, it’s about communicating and engaging with your ideal customers about what you do and why you do it (why they should choose you), building trust and letting them know you can help them. I want my clients to become the go-to business of their industry because there’s no better marketing advertisement than that.”

Megan is also committed to mental health advocacy and donates her time to be an ambassador with beyondblue and R U OK?. She has detailed her story of recovery from agoraphobia, anxiety and depression openly on TV, radio, video and in presentations. Megan’s clients know when she asks “Are you OK?” she actually means it and will spend time chatting outside of marketing if it’s ever needed or warranted.

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