How much does outsourcing marketing cost your business?


So, let’s cut-to-the-chase, right – how much does outsourcing marketing cost your business? Well, it really depends on what assistance you need, but it will be more cost effective than employing a marketer and your cost of time doing it yourself. Megan’s marketing consulting services have been priced to give small businesses an alternative to larger marketing agencies.

Some popular marketing services Megan delivers have the following investment.

Marketing think tank meetings

Two hour meetings (face-face or via Skype or even phone) that are personalised to your unique business. Popular for start-ups with low marketing budget and businesses who like doing the marketing themselves but want to cross-check they’re doing it correctly. Also a great starting service for those who want to get stuck into their brand and message, and how to differentiate themselves in the market.

These sessions are outcome focused and can be one-off or regular sessions. Usual outcomes include “a-ha” moments and clarity on your business’ marketing priorities, how to do it and why you should do it. Many usually discover they’re pretty good at marketing, too. Plus, whilst not guaranteed, a laugh and fun should also have been shared.

Price: $299 plus GST

Marketing review & audit

If you’ve been in business a while, you will no doubt have a lot of marketing fodder and ideas already in play. If you’re not sure why your customers aren’t lining up to buy your service or product, or you’re working too hard on getting customers, a marketing review and audit is a good starting point. Megan will review your website (including basic SEO), social media and marketing material, and deliver a personalised report detailing her thoughts on how to best move forward in improving your marketing that translates better in to enquiries and leads.

Price starts at $1,195 plus GST (depending on size of website & amount of marketing collateral)

Marketing strategy & plan

This is about being clear on the big picture of your business and its marketing. Megan will develop a marketing plan with a clear strategy so you can measure results. Usually incorporates at least one think tank session to ascertain current marketing and return on investment, and what your objective and goals are and if these are realistic.

Price starts at $1,740 plus GST for a personalised marketing plan with handover

Identifying your brand & messaging

Do you and your team know exactly what you do? Are you clear on why you’re in business? Do you have a clear marketing pitch? Whilst many marketers focus on a tagline, Megan focuses on the whole brand – what you promise and deliver to your customers and clients. This is an area of marketing that, no matter how long an organisation has been running, many struggle with, but Megan loves it and aims to set you a journey of discovery and re-connection to your business’ vision.

Price starts at $1,995 plus GST

Social media & other marketing training

These are all about you. Whilst much of the “whats” and “hows” of social media marketing can be generically taught, the “whys” can not. Whether the training is for you, alone, or a team within your organisation, Megan will help get you clear on your social media strategy and objectives so everyone is clear on what success looks like. You will also be guided into thinking creatively and laterally for content and how to keep your audience engaged.

Price starts at $695 plus GST for half day session (depending on size of group & your requirements)

Ongoing marketing management

Megan works with a number of clients on monthly retainer bases. This service is best for those who want long-term results and approach marketing as a marathon not a sprint. JoElla Marketing is all about quality over quantity, so if that’s what your business value is too, then it may be a perfect partnership.

Price starts at $725 plus GST per month (for 5 hours) or $1,250 plus GST (10 hours)

Hourly rates start at $145 plus GST.


Contact Megan if you’d like further details or to get started on any of the above services.